Discovering STEM Programme

Discovering STEM programme has been created to increase awareness, instil knowledge, inspire and provide students between ages 13 to 18 years old with practical building steps to pursue STEM careers.

What is this programme about?

Discovering STEM programme has been created to increase awareness, instil knowledge, inspire students, and provide them with practical building steps to pursue STEM careers.

The programme is planned to be inclusive in its reach, addressing negative perceptions and removing barriers that prevent students from getting into engineering. The programme aims to secure 75% representation from Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic students, with the remaining 25% open to other ethnic groups. This is due to the underrepresentation of people from BAME backgrounds in engineering, who comprise an estimated 7.8% of the UK workforce (Royal Academy of Engineering, 2020).

Our programme will target a cohort of 13–18-year-olds. The  programme will host three evenly spaced sessions throughout the academic year, in various locations in the UK. The student cohort will also be mentored throughout the programme by STEM industry mentors.

1. Discovering

This session will introduce the students to STEM in both theoretical and practical ways, by bringing in a range of diverse role models at different stages of their education and careers to share their journeys into a STEM career.

2. Discovering

This session will aim to enable the students to think about their natural strengths, weaknesses and skills, and how to further develop these in preparation for a STEM career and build their personal brands.

3. Discovering OPPORTUNITIES

This session will consist of a career fair with organisations sharing work experience opportunities, apprenticeships and graduate jobs, and also local universities sharing more about the courses they offer and their requirements.

Discovering STEM Programme 2021

For the 2021-2022 programme, all three sessions will be duplicated across the following locations in UK, Nottingham & Manchester. 

Dates: September 2021 through to July 2022

Our aim is to expand to other locations in the UK in 2022, so register your interest below to participate in our 2022 programme.


Location: Nottingham 

Local university partnership: Nottingham University

Location: Manchester

Local university partnership: Manchester Metropolitan University 

Nick Achila

Civil Engineering Student

I am in my final year of studying Civil Engineering at the University of Nairobi. My hobbies are swimming, playing basketball, weight lifting, gaming, camping, hiking and reading novels.

I became a STEM ambassador as this was a chance to be involved in something I was truly passionate about as an upcoming Engineer. I strongly believe we have a duty to educate the community and especially the younger generation in matters relating to Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

My passion for STEM first stemmed from exemplary performance in the sciences and mathematics. I found both of these subjects very interesting and like second nature to me, therefore I found myself leading multiple study groups and tutoring my peers. Through this experience, my interpersonal skills have improved greatly and this has led to the desire to continue empowering and supporting others.

Mary Joy Agingu

Civil Engineering Student

I am in final year at the University pursuing a B.Sc Civil Engineering. I am a lover of all things science. Whether it is social or pure sciences, there is always something to be learnt and enjoyed. I am passionate about STEM because it allows me to think outside the box. I enjoy volunteering outside of school, an example of this is when I supported Edu-Cater Global team at their 2019 innovation event. Some of my hobbies include reading, writing, playing sports both competitively and non-competitively, cooking and travelling.

I decided to become a STEM ambassador because it was an opportunity to do something I enjoy while simultaneously encouraging younger students to pursue a career in STEM. Being surrounded by such diverse and well versed individuals also allowed me to learn more about the varying fields that make up STEM and pushed me to be more innovative and unconventional with my views of modern problems and their solutions.

Alex Makalliwa

Chief Operating Officer (COO) – Africa

Alex is a budding engineer, entrepreneur and academic. He’s currently serving as General Manager at Solar E-Cycles Kenya – an organisation that designs and assembled light electric solar-powered tricycles. The organisation’s larger vision is to provide off-grid communities with affordable access to mobility and renewable energy. Alex’s aspiration is to develop technology whose adoption across Africa will have demonstrable social impact. Away from startups, you’ll find him reading, writing or trying to restore classic cars.


  • 2017 shortlist for the Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation – RAEng

Darren Williams

Director of Strategic Partnership and Finance

Dr Darren Williams is a Chartered Fellow of Engineering (IET), who works for TWI Ltd and Lancaster University.

TWI Ltd (The Welding Institute) is one of the world’s foremost independent Research and Technology Organisations, with expertise in materials joining and engineering processes as applied in industry. His role is the Welding Systems Manager, which has a focus on R&D of novel Digital Technologies for implementation into manufacturing industries.

At Lancaster University Darren’s role is the Director of the Joining 4.0 Innovation Centre, this role focuses on Developing and implementing Industry 4.0 focused joining and advanced manufacturing techniques and systems, enabling smart and digital based manufacturing solutions.

Recent awards:

  • 2019 Paul Fletcher Award – The Institute of Engineering Technology
  • 2018 British Black Business Award (BBBA) Winner – Science Technology Engineering Maths: Rising Star

Frida Nzaba

Founder & CEO of Edu-Cater Global

I work as an Overhaul Manufacturing Engineer in Rolls-Royce Plc, Engine Overhaul Services. This role consists of developing and implementing methods that can be used to repair various components from a jet engine and methods that can be used to strip and assemble the engine in a timely and safe manner. I am directly supporting the shop floor and resolving any technical issues that arise, while continuously improving our processes and the way we work.

I am proud to contribute the WISE Young Professionals Board by informing and advising the WISE campaign on how to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

I founded Edu-Cater Global as a vehicle to bridge the gap between education and industry, by equipping individuals with knowledge, exposure and networks in order to empower them into STEM careers.


  • Professionally registered as an Engineering Technician (EngTech) by the IET (Institute of Engineering and Technology)
  • Shortlisted for the We Are The City Rising Star Award 2019 – Science and Technology Sector